The 2008 North American

Camp Maintenance Conference Presentations


1.     Keynote - Damn! Wish I thought of that!Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA - USA

Success in camp maintenance has less to do with what you know than how fast you can find it. You may never want your spouse to see you asking directions, but you’re an idiot if you don’t “borrow” ideas from those that have already done the research.  We will look at a whole collection of ideas just ready for your R&D work (“Rip-off and Duplicate,”) and ways to keep those information channels flowing.


2.     Keynote - Green Innovations at Camp Rick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

Green is the buzz word of the decade for certain. But what does it mean and how could and should it affect your camp? Your organization looks to you to help sort this complex facility issue out and we’ll get you on the right track to a program that works for you.


3.     Keynote - Lighten Up! John McPherson, Internationally-syndicated Cartoonist, The Humor Project

This may be the healthiest thing you do. Mr. McPherson’s cartoons appear in over 700 newspapers and magazines, including the Saturday Evening Post, Yankee, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. John is part of an international speaker’s bureau and will set the philosophical tone for our conference.


4.     Copper Plumbing Basics Rick Del Calzo, Property Manager, YMCA Camp Onyesa

Skills for working with copper plumbing - cutting, sweating, valves, fittings, and tools.


5.     Improving Camp Energy Efficiency Tim Schulte, Caretaker, Ashokan Field Campus

Examine building weatherization and camp-wide projects to improve energy efficiency. Learn about the tools and techniques from the National Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance program.


6.     Ten Strategies for Successful Property ManagementWynne Whyman, President, Callippe Solutions, LLC

What’s important to do in your job and in working with the rest of the organization? This session is based on Wynne’s new book, “Outdoor Site and Facility Management”.


7.     Keep It Clean!Brian Allen, Former Camp Property Manager and Program Manager, Leland Paper Company

The correct practices, equipment, and chemicals to improve appearance, reduce illness, preserve finishes, improve morale, maintain OSHA standards, and save money.


8.     101 More Great Ideas Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA

Your camp looks to you to solve their problems, (and some of those problems they don’t even know they have!) We’ll look at (and come away with) photos of solutions so clever you’ll enjoy the chance to work on them

(and have people say, “Oooh! Did you do THAT!”) 


9.     How to Interview Prospective Maintenance StaffGary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA

Yeah, we hate doing it; but we REALLY hate putting up with the wrong worker after a bad decision. These simple techniques actually changed my life: I enjoy interviews now; I get the truth out of the people I recruit, and as a result make much better decisions. (And as an added enticement, there is NO POWERPOINT in this presentation!)


10.  The Art and Science of Septic FieldsEric Cordis, PE, Project Engineer, Word of Life Fellowship, Inc

Why is my proposed field so big? A review of design issues and how they affect your camp.


11.  Four Fast Fixes  Tom Ogle, Master Small Engine Mechanic at Ace Hardware

Quick and easy repairs to maintain your productivity with small engines: Recoil rope repair, timing key replacement, flat tire repair, and fuel contamination.



Schedule is subject to change

12.  The Details of a Site Master PlanEric Cordis, PE, Project Engineer, Word of Life Fellowship, Inc

Time to do your homework. What are the pieces you need to gather before you can draw up a site master plan? Bring a copy of yours if you have one.


13.  Introduction to Project ManagementMartha McCormick, Trainer, Capital Employee Assistance Program

Tools and techniques for successfully completing projects on time, within budget and with satisfied people. The Project Management approach is useful whether you are building a new facility, closing up camp for the winter or just cleaning out the tool shed. A basic understanding of project management concepts will help you or your team effectively create a plan, organize activities and train individuals to complete simple or complex projects.


14.  A Tankless Job Rick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

“On Demand” or tankless hot water heaters have been one of the most innovative facility improvements in the last decade. Understand how they work, where the savings are, and the benefits and shortcomings of this super technology.


15.  The Green, Green Grass of HomeJim Girard, President, Girard Landscape Management

Take better care of your lawns and athletic fields. Learn the proper use of fertilizers, seed, herbicides, pesticides, and cultural practices of mowing, watering, core aeration, and deep tinning. 


16.  Ask an EngineerRick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

Having troubles with regulators, water systems, erosion, sewage disposal, roads, or anything else?  Bring your troubles to the doctor on house call!  Rick may not have the answer, but there’s sure to be some smart folks in the room who’ve been there, and done that.  Share your woes, share a solution, or just come and listen.


17.  Fiberglass Repair Keith Edwards, Boat Repair Specialist, YMCA Camp Chingachgook

Learn techniques for boat repair (or anything fiberglass), including resin, fiberglass, grinding, jelcoat, primers, paints, tools, resources, ventilation, and more. See camp’s new Boat Repair Shop.


18.  Float-Type Carburetor Overhauls  Tom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

This common carburetor is found in snow blowers, lawn mowers, tillers, leaf blowers and generators, is easily susceptible to many problems. Understand the principles of operation, and repair and tuning procedures.


19.  Open Shop TimeTom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

      An open forum on engine repairs and rebuilding - Help assemble an 8 horse power Briggs and Stratton engine.


20.  Fixing Small Engine Electrical ProblemsTom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

      Theory and trouble shooting for electrical problems in small engines.


21.  Pest ControlKen Watkins, Service Manager, Orkin Pest Control

Learn the basics of integrated pest management in controlling problem insects and rodents. The things you do before using chemicals as a last resort.


22.  Flooring Choices and Care Jim Marek, Master Installer, Marek Flooring Company

The latest innovations and examples in flooring materials and care. Bring your questions, we have answers!


23.  ACA Standards for MaintenanceGeorge Painter, Executive Director, YMCA Camp Chingachgook

Understand the American Camp Association and the standards required in property management and maintenance to become an accredited camp or conference center.


24.  Earth Tub Composting Brian Leibacher, Program Director, YMCA Camp Chingachgook

Earth Tub Technology, a composting program for everyone at Camp.

    Plan the work, work the plan.