The 2007 North American Camp Maintenance Conference



1.     Maintaining Humor in Your life – John McPherson, Cartoonist, The Humor Project

This may be the healthiest thing you can do. John is an internationally-syndicated cartoonist appearing in over 700 newspapers and magazines, including the Saturday Evening Post, Yankee, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. John is part of an international speaker’s bureau and will set the tone for our conference.


2.     Lookin’ Good  – Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA

In camp property management, people look to us to solve problems.  Yet we’re often so busy dealing with the daily grind we too seldom make real progress.  Here’s a new collection of ideas from camps all across the country, captured in photos and stories.  Yes, we’ll see camp catastrophes that will make us feel better about where we are now, but more valuable will be tools to set priorities and build pride as your camp builds on home-grown successes.  Bring a pen and steal enough great ideas to look like a genius for one more year.


3.     The Successful Facility Manager – Rick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

If “everything I ever really needed to know, I learned in kindergarten” speaks to you, then this program will speak to your life as the facilities hands and feet of your organization.  In the grind of the every day or the urgency of a crisis, it’s easy to get mired in the details before you’ve really looked at the bigger picture.  Using the simplest principles, we’ll look at ways to help you manage the grind and crises, rather than have them manage you.


4.     Keep It Clean! – Brian Allen, Program Manager, Leland Paper Company

The correct practices, equipment, and chemicals to improve appearance, reduce illness, preserve finishes, improve morale, maintain OSHA standards, and save money.


5.     Creating a Maintenance Plan – Glen Chin, Property Consultant, Girl Scouts of the USA

Learn how to approach a maintenance plan in a systematic way that takes you through standards, requirements, inventories, inspections, prioritization, and scheduling.  Helpful forms for analysis and record keeping.


6.     Emergency Backup Power – Rick Stryker, Camp Facilities Consulting

No power at camp is an adventure to the campers, but to administrators and staff it can be a nightmare.  Is the investment worthwhile?  How much do you need and how does it all come together?  Here are a few fairly straight forward steps that will help clear the way to making a smart, safe choice about backup power.


7.     Contamination in Drinking Water – Keith Avellino, Laboratory Director, CNA Environmental Inc.

Preventing and addressing typical pollutants (coli form bacteria, nitritates, road salt, etc) and aesthetic problems that lead to off flavors, discoloration, deposits on dishes, and cloudiness.


8.     Solar Power – Ed Smyth, Energy Consultant, RLW Analytics, Inc (a NYSERDA energy audit contractor).

An introduction to photovoltaic power, with applications for green education and reducing utility electrical use.


9.     The Eight Hallmarks of Great Camps – Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA

Taking a premise from Jim Collins' book "Good to Great," this presentation helps us become more successful in program design, marketing, supervision, facilities, and planning. Dozens of beautiful images and inspiring stories of success that show greatness is within our reach.  Very little on camp property management, but everything about how each one of us can drive your camp to new levels of success. This presentation had been the source of new priorities at camps all over the country.


10.  Qualities of Effective Supervisors – Helen Rosenstein, Trainer, Capital Employee Assistant Program

This training will concentrate on the roles and functions of a supervisor, emphasizing the communication process and how it relates to supervision. Supervisory "Best Practices" will be highlighted and discussed.


11.  Hiring Contractors – Rick Stryker, Camp Facilities Consulting

This is a risky task.  Here are some things that you can do to help get the best possible product every time your organization signs on the dotted line.  Learn common trouble spots and ways to avoid them.


12.  Turf Management – Jim Girard, President, Girard Landscape Management

Take better care of your lawns and athletic fields. Learn the proper use of fertilizers, seed, herbicides, pesticides, and cultural practices of mowing, watering, core aeration, and deep tinning.


13.  This Old Camp – Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA

Some of us are thrown into camp facility maintenance and management without any background in how to clean, repair, or build camp buildings. Like the TV show, this workshop shows you the issues that we all typically face; teaches the basics of carpentry, lighting, acoustics, roofing, heating, and work organization; and puts it all in a context of how it helps us meet our mission (and get more campers!)   Come see real-life problems and solutions. 


14.  Ask an Engineer – Rick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

Having troubles with regulators, water systems, erosion, sewage disposal, roads, or anything else?  Bring your troubles to the doctor on house call!  Rick may not have the answer, but there’s sure to be some smart folks in the room who’ve been there, and done that.  Share your woes, share a solution, or just come and listen.


15.  Fiberglass Repair – Keith Edwards, Boat Repair Specialist, YMCA Camp Chingachgook

Learn techniques for boat repair (or anything fiberglass), including resin, fiberglass, grinding, jelcoat, primers, paints, tools, resources, ventilation, and more.


16.  Site and Facility Long-Range Planning – Wynne Whyman, President, Callippe Solutions, LLC

Come learn steps for long-range planning - from initial project identification to preparing information for your board. Leave with practical worksheets to use back home (from Wynne’s upcoming book).


17.  Small Engine Tune-Ups – Tom Ogle, President, Maple Leaf Lawn Care

      Improve starting and efficiency of your hand held (2-stroke) and walk behind (4-stroke) equipment.


18.  Chain Saw Maintenance  – Tom Ogle, President, Maple Leaf Lawn Care

Cleaning, tuning, and sharpening one of the most useful tools in camp maintenance.


19.  Decorative Log Work – Steve Draper, Finish Carpenter

Designing and constructing log railings and decorative infill to give your buildings that rustic look. A demonstration of tools, fasteners, and techniques.


20.  Tree House and Rope Swing Design and Construction – Steve Draper, Finish Carpenter

Bring some great fun to your camp. Learn the design, construction details, and techniques to build some unique features for kids and adults.       


21.  Small Engine Preventative Maintenance – Tom Ogle, President, Maple Leaf Lawn Care

      Keep your lawn mowers and snow blowers going. Learn the proper way to make your engines reliable and safe.


22.  Pest Control – Frank Reilly, Service Manager, Orkin Pest Control

Learn the basics of integrated pest management in controlling problem insects and rodents. The things you do before using chemicals as a last resort.


23.  Flooring Choices and Care – Jim Marek, Master Installer, Marek Flooring Company

The latest innovations and examples in flooring materials and care. Bring your questions, we have answers!


24.  ACA Standards for Maintenance – George Painter, Executive Director, YMCA Camp Chingachgook

Understand the American Camp Association and the standards required in property management and maintenance to become an accredited camp or conference center.


25.  Dock Design and Maintenance – Steve Merriam, Engineering Manager, Great Northern Docks Inc.

      Popular designs, construction, floatation, maintenance, and safety for dock systems at children’s camps.