The 2010 North American

Camp Maintenance Conference Presentations


1.     Keynote – Keepers of the Flame – Gary Forster, Camp Consultant

Some people have a great boss, a beautiful shop, competent staff, dependable co-workers, and jump out of bed every day eager to discover new challenges so they can find new solutions.  At least I’ve heard such people exist.  So I crack jokes (just wait till you see the screw-ups I’ve discovered this year!) and gossip about others who have it even worse than me.  But when I run into real inspiration, it gives me a boost. We who work with our hands and heads are destine for a greater calling... we who SUPPORT and CREATE are building the future


2.     Keynote – What Happened Here and How to Fix ItRick Stryker, Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

Back by popular demand, this interactive program will look at situations across the camping industry about zoning, land development, contractors, designers, and more. From the photographs we will analyze how bad projects turned out and brainstorm on how to get the projects back on track.


3.     Creating a Site Master Plan George Painter, Executive Director, Camp Chingachgook

An important review of facility priorities for your camp and the eight steps to developing a simple and comprehensive site master plan.


4.     Successful Volunteer Work Weekends – Mario Hurtado, Property Manager, Camp Jewell

Volunteer work weekends are a great way to get the community involved and interested in what we do at camp.  In this seminar we will talk about what it takes to make a volunteer weekend organized, effective and fun and what these weekends mean to volunteers and staff.  Create significant volunteer work projects!


5.     SAFE Facilities and ProgramsJason Letendre, CRM, Redwoods Group

How maintenance professionals can actively work at their camp to reduce the potential for accidental losses and moderate the impact of events on the facility. We will cover areas where incidents and accidents have been occurring at resident camps including; fires, tree safety, vehicles, flammables and chemicals, power equipment safety, and others. Incidents that have been occurring at camps and prevention strategies that can be implemented will be shared during the discussion


6.     Major Building Projects – Mario Hurtado, Property Manager, Camp Jewell

The challenge, vision, budget, and completion of major projects built by the camp maintenance staff team. See our dining hall renovation, bunk beds, special walkways, climbing tower, chapel walkway projects, and more. Learn from the mistakes and get inspired by the results.


7.     Eight Hallmarks of Great CampsGary Forster, Camp Consultant

If you have never heard Gary's most requested presentation (it's been presented at all major camp conferences and for over 100 camp boards), this is your chance to learn the secrets of successful camps. And they are secrets, as much of what you’ll learn from this research-based work is “contrary to public opinion.” And since its Gary, you know it’s delivered with great stories and great photos.


8.     Ask an EngineerRick Stryker, Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

If you have a problem with the facilities, and didn’t want to share it with the whole group, bring it to this highly interactive small group session where we’ll try to peel the problem apart and offer some ideas on how you might proceed.  Maybe just listening to the other person’s problem will just make yours seem smaller!


9.     How to Interview and HireGary Forster, Camp Consultant

Every hire the wrong worker? Can't find enough good ones?  This not only works; it’s fun.  It was created with a grant of $100,000 thanks to the AT&T Foundation, and they want it shared with every camp.  “Behavioral Interviewing” has been used by successful corporations for years, but most of us are just now hearing about it.  Comes with ready-to-use materials.


10.  Steal These 100 IdeasGary Forster, Camp Consultant

Pictures of programs and clever camp facility solutions ready to be “flattered” when you take them home and use ‘em!  Looking to get your juices flowin’ for a creative summer? Use even just a couple of these and you’ll look like a genius


11.  Lift Pump Controllers – Dan Izyk, Assistant Property Director, Camp Chingachgook

Trouble shooting electrical control panels for water and septic pumps


12.  Chemical Feed PumpsRick Stryker, Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

Despite their small size, these powerhouses provide assurance that your liquid systems are meeting State requirements at the pool, near your well or at the wastewater plant.  But like so many other things, size can be deceiving.  Improperly installed or maintained, they’ll let you down.  Come and hear about the types of pumps, how to specify and order the right one, how to set them up correctly, and even how to rebuild one!


13.  Do It Yourself CADAimee Corcoran and Steve Scott, Camp Jewell property and program staff

Sketch-up is Google's FREE 3D CAD program. It is for projects and possible future projects. We will demonstrate how to use it, the most frequently used tools and the drawing capabilities


14.  Engine BasicsTom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

A course on how a four-stroke engine works.  Come learn how to perform basic maintenance on this type of engine and to make all the parts work together.


15.  The Right GasolineTom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

A demonstrate of the different types of fuel available, specifically how ethanol is affecting the small engines you use.  Learn the basics of peak engine performance.


16.  Float Type Carburetor Overhaul Tom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

This is a continuation of the, “The Right Gasoline” session, however, as a stand alone session it is still valuable.  The steps necessary to repair the damage caused dirt, water, or stale gas in the most common type of carburetor used on four stroke engines. Troubleshooting carburetor problems.


17.  Chainsaw MaintenanceTom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

Preventative maintenance and common repairs to power head, plus bar and chain maintenance, and sharpening procedures for your chainsaw.


18.  Open Shop TimeTom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

An open forum on engine diagnostics, repairs, and rebuilding.  Take a look at a portable generator tune-up and a log splitter.


19.  Volunteer CoordinationLee Carpenter, Property Manager, Camp Alderstate

Volunteers can help camps get a lot of great things done – if camps utilize volunteers’ skills effectively.  Bring your ideas to share, and learn from others about the art of volunteer management


20.  ACA Standards for MaintenanceGeorge Painter, Executive Director, Camp Chingachgook

Understand the American Camp Association and the standards required in property management and maintenance to become an accredited camp or conference center.


21.  The New Thunderdome Whiffleball Stadium at Camp JewellRay Zeyte, Camp Director, Camp Jewell.

See how the coolest new program in years got bigger and bigger and then (unlike many cool ideas) actually came to be!  In addition to covering funding options and construction details, we will talk about how it is used, and what about it makes it such an attraction to kids.  This facility was the direct result of program and facility people working effectively together, we will also spend time discussing how to make this happen more often.


22.  Caretakers with a MissionTom McEnany, Property Manager, YMCA Camp Letts

Maintenance is more than a working machine, repairing, building, and improving the facilities. We can and we should play the more important role of helping to foster the spiritual, mental, and physical development of those we serve.


23.  Fiberglass RepairKeith Edwards, Boat Repair Specialist, YMCA Camp Chingachgook - Learn techniques for boat repair (or anything fiberglass), including resin, fiberglass, grinding, gel coat, primers, paints, tools, resources, ventilation, and more. See camp’s new Boat Repair Shop


24.  Ropes Course ManagementTodd Brown, High 5 Adventure Learning Center

               Bolts, Cables and Ropes, Oh My! The challenges involved in getting your ropes course ready for the season.  Tips and tricks of how to get the most life out of you elements and gear, as well as what the professionals have to say about ropes course care


25.  Wildlife ControlKen Watkins, Service Manager, Orkin Pest Control

An overview of wildlife (bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and more) damage, problems, solutions, and prevention


26.  Pest ControlKen Watkins, Service Manager, Orkin Pest Control

Learn the basics of integrated pest management in controlling problem insects and rodents. The things you do before using chemicals as a last resort.


27.  The Paint IndustryRich Marriner, Regional Manager, Passonno Paints

Environmental concerns, changing raw materials have caused a large upheaval in the paint industry over the past 10 years. Time tested products have disappeared; new products have come on the scene. This program will give you an overview of the current state of the paint industry and what is coming down the road.         


28.  Composting from the Program SideHeather Siegel, Program Coordinator, Camp Chingachgook
Study a camp composting program and facility. It’s all about working with program staff so it is not a burden that falls on the maintenance department


29.  Flooring Solutions Jim Marek, Master Installer, Marek Flooring Company

The latest innovations and examples in flooring materials and care. Bring your questions, we have answers!


30.  “This Old Camp”Gary Forster, Camp Consultant

What new camp property managers need to know about being great in our profession, and what ALL camp directors need to know to make good choices while being an empowering supervisor: regular camp facility maintenance, tricks of carpentry, wiring, plumbing, and acoustics; working with architects, and getting the job done right by vendors and contractors.  Similar to the TV show, it includes images and stories of the crazy messes we almost always face, and how they’ve been handled by pros.


31.  Facilities Tour – Water Systems

From the well, to the chlorinator, and back out to the entire property, tour a camp water system, questions, answers, and problem solving.


32.  Facilities Tour – Septic Systems

Get an overview on the inner workings of Chingachgook’s septic system.  Take a look at pump stations, leech field, grease traps, and discuss the preventative maintenance systems.


33.  Facilities Tour – General Camp Program and Facilities

Take a stroll around Camp, looking inside almost any building you want, see what’s new and on the horizon, and how it we may be a resource for your site planning back at your facility.