The 2011 North American

Camp Maintenance Conference Presentations


1.     Evening Keynote Camp Maintenance Jeopardy – Gary Forster, Camp Consultant

Yes, itÕs a game show and a documentary.  GaryÕs got a whole new collection of ÒCamp Facility NightmaresÓ (probably not yours; but like yours!) It sure is fun to test your skills while learning from the misery of others!  And of course, weÕll see lots of simple, really cool camp maintenance solutions.  Take just a few back home and youÕll be a genius for another year!


2.     Evening Keynote Site MappingRick Stryker, Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

You canÕt possibly know where youÕre going unless you know where you are; let alone where youÕve been. Many organization leaders donÕt understand the everyday benefits of having your site properly mapped. By exploring all the ways that a good site map can work for you, youÕll see how to overcome anxiety over the cost and time to get this tool in your tool box.


3.     Energy Efficient BuildingsEric Cordis, Engineer and Facility Director, Word of Life Camps

A look at some of the relatively new techniques of building highly insulated and energy efficient buildings. This type of construction brings some new challenges that will affect some of the long held traditions (the last 30 years) about how things are done. Looking at some of the whyÕs behind the changes, and a look at some of the issues that must be addressed in order to have a successful project.


4.     Forest ManagementBen Snyder, Director of Natural Resources, Frost Valley YMCA Camp

The forest is an important part of most camps. What can you do to manage this important resource? This presentation will cover assessing and managing hazard trees, pruning trees, and forest access.  The role of a forester will also be covered: what do they do, why would you need a forester, what to know before deciding to manage your forest, and incorporating education and forest management. There will also be a field component with an opportunity to head outside and assess trees for hazardous defects and look at proper pruning.


5.     An Incredible Site Master Plan ProcessGeorge Painter, Conference Chair, and Gary Forster, Camp Consultant

The process to bring key stake holders and donors together for an intensive few days is charrette planning and creates a whirlwind of creative and practical ideas. Come hear an overview of the logical sequence of steps for your camp master plan design and all the options out there to get the job done.


6.     Green ConstructionMark Johnson, National Assoc. Home Builders, Green Builder, with a Team from Curtis Lumber Co.

Discuss the range of framing options that contribute toward a more energy-efficient and material efficient structure. Review the steps that ensure the actual framing meets the design intent.


7.     Bed Bug Plan of ActionBrian Allen, Former Camp Property Dir. and Program Manager, Leland Paper Company

Discuss what your housekeeping and maintenance staff need to know before it happens at your camp.

Be proactive before and after bedbugs have been identified at camp. Useful information and answers from proper cleanup, laundering linens, camper arrangements, and pest control methods that work for your camper safety and your specific camp. What to do to contain an outbreak and how should the parents be informed?


8.     Trailer Wiring and Maintenance Steve Doheny, ASE Certified Technician, Doheny Oil Corp.

Learn to install, repair, and maintain the trailer wiring system with todayÕs tools, products, and supplies.  Lighting, wiring, connectors, splicing and general trailer maintenance will be addressed in this hands-on presentation.


9.     Eight Hallmarks of Great Camps: the Great Recession EditionGary Forster, Camp Consultant

I work with dozens of camp every year, and IÕve done research with tens of thousands of parents.  IÕve seen camps turn around, and others not.  Great camps have continued to grow each of the past 10 years. ItÕs time you put their secrets into practice; time to question assumptions and dedicate ourselves to campingÕs proven strengths. Success isnÕt working harder; itÕs a choice.


10.   Engine BasicsTom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

A course on how a four-stroke engine works.  Come learn how to perform basic maintenance on this type of engine and to make all the parts work together.


11.   Ask an EngineerRick Stryker, Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

If you have a problem with the facilities, and didnÕt want to share it with the whole group, bring it to this highly interactive small group session where weÕll try to peel the problem apart and offer some ideas on how you might proceed. Maybe just listening to the other personÕs problem will just make yours seem smaller!


12.   Farm Camp 101 John Chartier, Farm Camp Director at Frost Valley YMCA.

Do you want to be ahead of the curve in leading your camp to a more sustainable and better tasting future? In this interactive session John will cover some basics about programming, marketing, site selection, labor requirements and will give you some potential resources of where else you can find information.


13.   Volunteer CoordinationLee Carpenter, Property Manager, Camp Aldersgate

Volunteers can help camps get a lot of great things done – if camps utilize volunteersÕ skills effectively.  Bring your ideas to share, and learn from others about the art of volunteer management


14.   Open Shop TimeEngine Shop, Boat Repair Shop, Woodworking shop

Bring your questions and make your plans. Open forums on engine diagnostics, woodworking, and boat repair. Take a look at a portable generator tune-up, log splitter, and tools and shop designs.


15.   Chainsaw Safety and MaintenanceTom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

An overview of the basics of safe operation of this important camp tool. Preventative maintenance and common repairs to the power head, bar and chain maintenance, and sharpening procedures for your chainsaw.


16.   This Old Camp: Efficient Facility Maintenance and Smart DesignGary Forster, Camp Consultant

What all camp directors need to know to make good choices while being empowering supervisors, planners, and fundraisers.   Regular camp facility maintenance, tricks of carpentry, wiring, plumbing, and acoustics; working with architects, and getting the job done right by your own staff, vendors and contractors. Similar to the TV show, it includes images and stories of the crazy messes we almost always face, and how theyÕve been handled by pros. Common facility concerns, and really clever ways that theyÕve been solved by others. 


17.   Lift Pump Controllers Dan Izyk, Assistant Property Director, Camp Chingachgook

Trouble shooting electrical control panels for water and septic pumps


18.   Pipes on your Site – Storm, Sewer & WaterRick Stryker, Engineer, Camp Facilities Consulting

Using the right pipe for the job is as important as using the right tool, if youÕre going to get the life, performance and function that youÕre after.  Learn something new and useful!


19.   Free Planning Advice: Refreshingly Honest, Thoroughly ResearchedGary Forster, Camp Consultant

                   (Though some might say Òbrutal and opinionatedÓ), hereÕs a chance to get free consulting on your own camp master site plan or facility designs.  Bring what youÕve got (blueprints or the back of a napkin), and youÕ get a perspective that has saved thousands of dollars for others, avoided pitfalls, and made camps more FUNctional.  Even if you donÕt have a plan, you can learn (painlessly!) by watching and helping your peers.


20.   Carburetor Overhaul Tom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware

The steps necessary to repair the damage caused dirt, water, or stale gas in the most common type of float carburetor used on four stroke engines. Troubleshooting carburetor problems.


21.   ACA Standards for MaintenanceGeorge Painter, American Camp Association, Visitor Trainer

Understand the American Camp Association and the standards required in property management and maintenance to become an accredited camp or conference center.


22.   Fiberglass RepairKeith Edwards, Boat Repair Specialist, YMCA Camp Chingachgook
Learn techniques for boat repair (or anything fiberglass), including resin, fiberglass, grinding, gel coat, primers, paints, tools, resources, ventilation, and more. See our new Boat Repair Shop


23.   Controlling Bed BugsKen Watkins, Service Manager, Orkin Pest Control

An overview of bed bugs, the problems, solutions, and prevention.


24.   Pest ControlKen Watkins, Service Manager, Orkin Pest Control

Learn the basics of integrated pest management in controlling problem insects and rodents. The things you do before using chemicals as a last resort.


25.   The Changing Paint IndustryRich Marriner, Regional Manager, Passonno Paints

Environmental concerns, changing raw materials have caused a large upheaval in the paint industry over the past 10 years. Time tested products have disappeared; new products have come on the scene. This program will give you an overview of the current state of the paint industry and what is coming down the road.          


26.   Flooring Solutions Jim Marek, Master Installer, Marek Flooring Company

The latest innovations and examples in flooring materials and care. Bring your questions, we have answers!


27.   Basic WoodworkingDan Iyzk and Keith Edwards, Craftsmen, YMCA Camp Chingachgook

An introduction to the basic techniques of woodworking and shop equipment. Joinery, tools and a forum for questions and answers.


28.   Facility Tours – Your choice of  Water System, Septic System, or General Camp Programs and Facilities