Presentations The 2009 North American Camp Maintenance Conference

1. Keynote: The Wild Center, Chris Rdzanek, Director of Museum Facilities.
An introduction to the Wild Center, the north country's only natural history museum whose mission is to inspire a broad public understanding of the natural systems that shape and sustain life in the Adirondacks. Chris will provide a general overview of the museum, its campus, location, and program offerings followed by an in-depth review of the various design and operational elements of the facility and adjacent grounds, which contributed to its recognition as the first LEED certified museum in New York State.

2. Keynote: You Think You Have Problems?! Rick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Corp
What in the world happened here, and what do we do about it? This will be about 90 minutes of interactive situations where PowerPoint slides will show a condition or situation, and the audience will work to try to determine the cause, possible solutions, and in some cases, means to prevent it from happening again.

3. Keynote: Don’t Get Fired! Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA
The difference between a successful camp and a financial failure can come down to one person, and you'll sleep better if that person is you. You're not indispensable because you work harder or "do" more, because the most successful people have just as many things left undone on their to-do lists as you do. (Probably more. But that’s a whole other story). Nope, it's which things you get done, and who knows it, that matters. Lots of pictures and stories including horrible accidents and funny mistakes, clever ideas and beautiful results, and at least a couple new ideas that might make the next year your best ever.

4. Project Management, Martha McCormick, Trainer, Capital Employee Assistance Program
Tools and techniques for successfully completing projects on time, within budget, and with satisfied people. The project management approach is useful whether you are building a new facility, closing up camp for the winter or just cleaning out the tool shed. A basic understanding of project management concepts will help you or your team effectively create a plan, organize activities, and train individuals to complete simple or complex projects.

5. Forest Management, Benjamin Snyder, Director of Natural Resources, Frost Valley YMCA.
An overview of issues including hazard trees in high use areas, working with a forester, forest management plans, income from forests, wildlife management, water resources, forestry best management practices, invasive species, and more.

6. Timber Frame Construction, Eric Cordis, PE, Project Engineer, Word of Life Fellowship, Inc
A review of an example for an assembly hall. Besides being cool to look at, we will review some of the advantages and pitfalls of this type of construction.

7. Camp Roads, Rick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Consultant
Getting from here to there at camp can be a challenge, but if your access is too “rustic,” are your campers safe? In this workshop we’ll talk about the different materials, methods, and amendments you can use to get roads built and repaired, as well as how to determine whether the work is best done “in-house” or not.

8. Trailer Wiring and Maintenance, Steve Doheny, ASE Certified Technician, Doheny Oil Corp.
Learn to install, repair, and maintain the trailer wiring system with today’s tools, products, and supplies. This hands-on presentation addresses lighting, wiring, connectors, splicing, and general trailer maintenance.

9. The Changing Paint Industry, Rich Marriner, Regional Manager, Passonno Paints.
A look at today’s paint industry— how it’s changed and how it will continue to change.

10. Carburetor Overhauls, Tom Ogle, Master Mechanic at Ace Hardware
Understand the principles of operation and repair and tuning procedures. In one session Tom will focus on float type-carburetors and in the other diaphragm type carburetors. Float-type carburetors are found in snow blowers, lawn mowers, tillers, leaf blowers and generators while diaphragm-type are found in chain saws, string trimmers, and brush cutters.

11. Open Shop Time, Tom Ogle, Master Mechanic, Ace Hardware
An open forum on engine diagnoses, repairs, and rebuilding.

12. Overhead Valve Engine Repairs, Tom Ogle, Master Small Engine Mechanic, Ace Hardware
Flathead engines are a thing of the past. Come learn how to repair overhead valve engines.

13. Fiberglass Repair, Keith Edwards, Boat Repair Specialist, YMCA Camp Chingachgook
Learn techniques for boat repair (or anything fiberglass), including resin, fiberglass, grinding, jelcoat, primers, paints, tools, resources, ventilation, and more. Chingachgook’s new boat repair shop.

14. Field of Dreams, Jim Girard, President, Girard Landscape Management
Take better care of your lawns and athletic fields. Learn the proper use of fertilizers, seed, herbicides, pesticides, and cultural practices of mowing, watering, core aeration, and deep tinning.

15. Flooring Choices and Care, Jim Marek, Master Installer, Marek Flooring Company
The latest innovations and examples in flooring materials and care. Bring your questions, we have answers!

16. Copper Plumbing Basics, Rick Del Calzo, Property Manager, YMCA Camp Onyesa
Skills for working with copper plumbing: cutting, sweating, valves, fittings, and tools.

17. Basic Woodworking, Dan Izyk, Assistant Property Manager, YMCA Camp Chingachgook
Come learn some basic woodworking skills with this hands-on workshop while making a door. Explore the tools you’ll need and learn about jigging.

18. Ethanol and Gasoline, Tom Ogle, Master Mechanic, Ace Hardware
Ethanol is in all our gas now. Find out how this affects your engines, carburetors, fuel efficiency, and gaskets.

19. Master Planning, Eric Cordis, PE, Project Engineer, Word of Life Fellowship, Inc
It’s all in the details. Review some of the overall guidelines to planning the who, what, where, when, and how. Feel free to bring your layout for discussion.

20. 101 More Great Ideas, Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA
Sometimes the success of a conference comes down to bringing just one or two cool things back to your boss and knocking them out in a hurry. The "look good fast" kind of things that Gary’s photos show, and here he offers handouts. One of last year's most popular workshops, back in 2009 for those who missed it (and missed out on lookin' good when they got home).

21. ACA Standards for Maintenance, George Painter, Executive Director, YMCA Camp Chingachgook
Understand the American Camp Association and the standards required in property management and maintenance to become an accredited camp or conference center.

22. Power Hiring, Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA
An easier way to interview new staff. For years I absolutely hated hiring new people, especially the interviews. I was uncomfortable. They were uncomfortable. And to make it all worse, if I hired the wrong person I'd have no one to blame other than myself. Then I found this terrific technique that's proven to work, and even makes it fun (or at least interesting)!

23. Ask an Engineer, Rick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Consultant
Bring me your tired, worn-out facilities, yearning to breathe free again! This cracker-barrel session will take whatever topics and situations you bring, and explore their possible causes, solutions, and implications.

24. Recruiting for the CIA (Camp Infrastructure Administration) Rick Stryker, Professional Engineer, Camp Facilities Consultant
Staff training is the ideal opportunity to help yourself by making the program staff part of the camp maintenance effort. Come and hear how to make the most of your short time.